PR & Branding

this is our superpower

 influence the public sphere

We love creating and strengthening existing brands. This is our superpower. We create naratives, stories, make sure the illustration matches the expectation of your product, and more importantly we make sure everyone gets the picture. We make you likeable, buyable and yes even voteable.

You will get an agency that incorporates expertise and know-how from the political communicative world. We know what works, and how and when to implement the controversial ideas. Every company should consider the political effects of their marketing, PR and SoMe strategies. We will make sure you are not at the risk of being marked by violent controversy. 

1. Positioning & Strategy

Positioning and strategy is everything in Public Relations. We can make it cohere with both traditional and social media.

3. Design & Image

Our imagination and creativity is not limited. We can deliver small, big and great photos, designs and illustrations to your project.

2. Branding

 We do bold and clever branding. How and when you are seen determine if you are remembered.

4. Influence

We have a network of SoMe influencers with hundreds of thousand Danish followers. We can incorporate this potential reach in your strategy.

Our creatives have worked together with

diverse brands and organisations.